Calls and concessions for freelancers: find out more

Often we tend to think that loans and financing for young entrepreneurs are inaccessible for some categories and to say it most of the time it is just like that. Nonetheless, tenders and concessions for freelancers are not lacking.

Today we want to show you, in this regard, some quick solution to consider.

Discounts for freelancers
Facilitated finance finally opens its doors also to freelancers, for a long time penalized and excluded from these opportunities. Today, whether you are doctors, plumbers or owners of any individual company, there are several calls that have been reserved for you and that you can count on to increase your business.

In fact, it is no longer only cooperatives and start-ups that can benefit from calls and funds, but also those who work independently. European funds are therefore an inclusive possibility for all. Italy, in fact, through the validation of the Stability Law, has today implemented the EC Recommendation 2003/361 / EC: a measure that integrates all holders of VAT numbers in the offer represented by national and regional calls .

I stay in the south
Resto al Sud is a call that we have talked about very often. This fund, in fact, facilitates several categories , including that of freelancers. The recipients of this concession are entrepreneurs and professionals aged between 18 and 46. However, each of these must operate in the regions of Southern Italy , since the subsidy aims to revive the economy of the South and to counter the relocation of Italian companies. 35% of the loan is non-refundable, the remaining 65% is at zero interest rate and must be restored in eight years.

Creativity Fund
Creativity Fund is instead intended for freelancers operating in Lazio . The facility consists of a non-refundable loan of up to € 30,000 . To access it you must be operating in the editorial, cultural and creative fields and for a period no longer than two years.

I undertake
Intraprendo is also very useful. It also consists of a non-repayable loan. However, the beneficiaries of this concession are the freelancers who work in Lombardy. The holders of the VAT number, in this case, must be active for a period of no longer than two years.

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